The Mario Marathon Team

Mario Marathon Team members in order of dancing ability.

John Groth

Comedic genious, hacker, pitch player, top dancer

Brian Brinegar

Founder of Mario Marathon, player, tech guru, webmaster, host, worst dancer, t-shirt designer

Dan May

Player, Tech guru, passport wizard, occassional troublemaker

Chris Deckard

Player, Slouch Guy, victim of passer-by mode

Nathan Jones

Shorts Guy!

Jed Johnson

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, Breath of the Wild speedrunner, anti-jpeg

Shanna Brinegar

ShannaBad!, Pineapple Juice Drinker, Overseer

Emily Blue

Blanket Girl!

Sundeep Rao

Chat reader, fortune teller, possible vampire, always there at the right time

John O'Malley

Target Employee