Mario Mararathon Team - 2017

What is Mario Marathon?

Mario Marathon is a semi-annual online fundraising event for Child's Play Charity. Since 2008, Mario Marathon has raised over $700,000 for child life programs at global children's hospitals and shelters!

Viewer donations unlock levels from the Super Mario video games which the Mario Marathon crew struggle to complete live in a non-stop, days long, festival of fun!

When is the next Mario Marathon?

In 2020, the Mario Marathon team held the Social Distancing Spectacular, a limited duration event since the team couldn't congregate due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Donors unlocked a future full Mario Marathon event when it is safe. Twenty-twenty also saw our web hosting provider shut down, requiring a significant amount of work on our end to rebuild the Mario Marathon experience. Rest assured, we are working and planning and will announce an event at some point in the future!

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