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The first time a person comes to the Mario Marathon we try to determine where they came from (e.g. blog, news site, etc.). Later if that person makes a donation we attribute their donation to that site's total. Those sites (called referers) which have generated the most donations are listed below.

You can also specify the partner site you would like to attribute your donation to by selecting the site below and clicking the "Donate via ..." link on that partner's statistics page.

If you want to show the total your site had raised on your webpage you can embed our donation widget using the following Javascript code.

Top 100 Contributing Sites

12 donors : $35.31 average
2 donors : $52.50 average
1 donors : $50.00 average
6 donors : $4.29 average
1 donors : $10.00 average
1 donors : $1.00 average

Goal Progress

$615.40donated to Child's Play
0moons collected
248moons unlocked
$2.93unlocks next moon

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