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Thank you! To everyone who supports the Mario Marathon by donating to Child's Play Charity in support of the event!

All of our donors are listed below.

Grand Star Level ($1000+)

  • No donors yet

Star Power Level ($500+)

  • No donors yet

Fire Power Level ($250+)

  • Bedast
  • Vanyalosswen

Mario Level ($100+)

Luigi Level ($50+)

  • Brian and Shanna
  • Dragonfire20
  • Brent Jones
  • Sara A.
  • Stephen Hardy

Yoshi Level ($25+)

Princess Level ($10+)

Toad Level ($1+)

  • alexargo
  • Danimal CENA
  • adambober64
  • Rainbow Chip Cookies
  • Dave, Briana, & the cats
  • Lucas (GootangClan)
  • Elerena
  • Tofuboi1986
  • Jed
  • Brian H.
  • Mattty_C
  • Cody G. (Violat3r)
  • Joe, Adri, & Cats
  • sinilu
  • JPJ007
  • WinWolfz
  • Brian and Allison
  • Nights
  • Daniel, Adrienne & Archer
  • TuxBobble

Goal Progress

Each goal unlocked adds another level the team must complete during Mario Marathon 7 beginning June 20th, 2014.

$1,800.00donated to Child's Play
0hours played
54hours unlocked
$80.59unlocks next hour

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