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Mario Marathon '18 begins July 20th, 2018
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What is Mario Marathon?

Once upon a time in Lafayette, Indiana there lived John Groth, Dan May, and Brian Brinegar. On a weekend in June they sat down to play Super Mario Bros. Dan died on the first Goomba. Ten years passed and they amassed a mighty army. An army armed with a laser-of-awesome (also kazoos, lots of kazoos). Together that army contributed over $636,000 to children's hospitals through Child's Play Charity.

They also gave away a lot of t-shirts.

It's said if the sun and moon were to align, they would return.... (also, Dan broke the passport system which is kind of important)

Upcoming Contests & Events

10:00 pm - Friday Passport Contest Mario Marathon T-Shirt
One Entry Per Stamp!
12:00 pm - Donation Amount Secret Your Own Donation Secret
Donate $5 between 10am and 12pm on Saturday July 21st for a chance to win your own Donation Secret amount!
4:00 pm - Skype Call with the Team Skype Call Mario Marathon HQ
Donate $5 between 2pm and 4pm EDT for a chance to Skype Call with the team.
8:00 pm - $5 Grand Prize Contest Nintendo Switch Prize Pack
Donate $5 to Child's Play during the Mario Odyssey Marathon for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey, and a Mario Marathon T-Shirt

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